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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 9, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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clearly, hillary is eager to interfere, electing her will put america further down the road to serfdom. kennedy: thank you, lou, and thank you for being part of tonight's show. on the watch tonight is f.b.i. director james comey marching with his head hung low before the house committee. although his guilty feet have no rhythm, seething republicans still want to know why, why james. >> we don't want to put people in jail unless we prove they knew they were doing something they shouldn't do. kennedy: maybe. obviously that line of logic didn't fit well with trey gowdy
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it was like watching two cobras mate. >> secretary clinton said i did not mail any classified email, was that true? >> there was classified email. >> secretary clinton said she used just one device, was that true? >> she used multiple devised during the four years of her term as secretary of state. >> secretary clinton said all work-related emails were returned to the 8 department. is that true. >> no, we found thousands that were not returned. kennedy: ranking democrats were there to stroke comey's forehead and rub sweet partisan salve into his self-inflicted wounds. >> i want to make it clear that i condemn these completely unwarranted political attacks against you.
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they have attacked you personally, they have attacked your integrity. they have impugned your professionalism. you do not deserve this. your family does not deserve it, and the highly skilled and dedicated agents of the f.b.i. don't deserve it. kennedy: where does the matter go from here. the former secretary of state clearly per injured herself when she said this. >> there was nothing marked classified on my emails either sent or received. kennedy: maybe she'll get that barry bonds-style arrest but with our luck she'll still serve it in the white house. they can call james comey and loretta lynch before the house committees and grill them like george foreman, but we'll never go know what happened on that phoenix tarmac.
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extremely careless indeed. on the big show judge janine pirro says comey has destroyed the f.b.i.'s reputation. dr. ron paul weighs in on speaker ryan's requests to bar hillary clinton from classified email. i'm kennedy. the house grilling james comey like a sandwich. kangaroo court or justified public shaming. let's ask my unbreakable party panel. jedediah bila is a fox news
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contributor. and lots to talk about. jedediah, we sat across the couch from each other on "outnumbered" and we were "outnumbered" by represents running for vice president or illustrating their great resume. >> i love gowdy. he manages to expose her as a liar. which is the point we are trying to make. even if you are going to say maybe there was no criminality, even if you say let's accept what the f.b.i. did here, let's accept the decision. she still lied repeatedly to people and he pointed that out when she said she wasn't dealing with classified information, she turned over all the documents. i loved that moment. kennedy: they are few and far between. my problem with the whole exercise. they ask the same questions, they have already been answered. these are wonderful opportunity to get more specific. it took hours for them to even
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talk about bryan pagliano. and they should not allow people on the committee who are not prosecutors to ask questions because they are bad at it. >> that's why you don't let politicians run things. you can't entrust them in a situation like this when we are sitting around with so many questions to ask and say why did this happen. at one point they are talking about racism? kennedy: one of the senators brought up white supremacy. democrats are so pleased at the outcome. they wanted to give james comey a shoulder rub. >> the most amazing exchange was jim comey saying it's possible that hillary clinton was not sophisticated enough to understand what the classified markings on these two emails meant that landed in her inbox. it went to well, she is just maybe too dim to understand it, but that's not.
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>> crime. kennedy: no intent there. but my feeling is, if you get in a car and you don't know the continues between "r" and "d," you shouldn't be drying it. if you don't know the markings that put a car into reverse or drive. because even if you didn't mean to kill somebody you run into them, you are still on the hook for it. >> who are we electing? are we electing someone who is just lying or are we electing the old woman who gives her social security number to the siberian prince. o.j. simpson thinks she got away with murder. there will and 12h o.j. miniseries. they are making it sounds like they are trying to impugn
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comey's character. no, they are holding him accountable to the word he said. he said she is guilty, she is guilty, we are going to let her go. kennedy: it's like with the bap lower and the girl who is about to leave -- i'm going to make you cry and mascara will be running down your face. during today's hearing some republicans stress that clinton's negligence put our country at risk. >> did this activity make america's secrets vulnerable to hostile elements? >> yes. kennedy: speaker paul ryan asked james clapper to deny hillary clinton to classified information. it is customary for the intelligence community to brief
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presidential candidates. but ryan says clinton's gross negligence over her server warrant restrictions. do you think she can't handle the truth? >> yes. there is definitely a concern. they started blaming this and errant staffers. even if she is together right thing, she learned her lesson -- who is she sharinging it with and what are they doing with it. huma abedin has been wrapped up in all of these investigations. kennedy: you mean the muslim brotherhood. kennedy: they asked about her lawyers. they were going over all the
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emails. and they were reading classified information without any clearance. >> on the national security level this is like drinking and driving and hitting a lake. kennedy: it's like getting a d.u.i. and you are the one who drives the presidential lip limo. >> it could cost you your job as a gas station clerk, but go run the country. kennedy: how can she maintain her national security clearance. >> she'll. it's just like we thought she would get prosecuted. my response is she shouldn't get security clearance. somebody else wouldn't get security clearance, but she'll get it. if she can't have security
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clearance she can't run for this office. they will have to preserve his position to pave the way for her to get to the top. hillary clinton and bill get away with stuff other people can't get away with. kennedy: if she doesn't have restrictions there is no accountability. people say she is horrible and manipulative and she is a liar, but she's the best we got. donald trump said do not prosecute hillary clinton because he would rather fight her than bernie sanders. judge janine pirro furious over james comey's decision not to
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kennedy: yesterday donald trump thanked the f.b.i. for clearing hillary clinton of indictment saying i would rather face her than bernie. i would rather face her than almost anybody else. but should he be celebrating? ed the party panel joins me to discuss this. >> i think it's bad for him no matter what. but bernie sanders, people forget's a little off the wall, and he's a socialist.
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that would be a non-starter. >> the more he starts talking about free stuff, i know there are people on the left that listen and say that doesn't make sense. i think he would have been better off with bernie because it's so i will logical. everybody getting a pot of gold and a rainbow. it would have been unbelievable. kennedy: there was a moment when i thought it would be trump-sanders. i was praying to every deity. you say trump is a bad campaigner? >> bernie sanders has better favorable ratings than hillary clinton because people have no idea who he is, and they like the sound of free stuff. but presumably throughout a
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campaign the debates happen and he gets hammered. his favorability ratings go down. that's what you would expect in a normal campaign. but with donald trump, it's like unforced error over unforced error. so he clearly is incapable of capitalizing on the opportunities. he has done a good job oftalizie past. the fact that we are still talking about some of his missteps shows that the guy has some work to do. he was able to raise $51 million. and bernie sanders, i will say this in his defense. bernie sanders -- i interviewed him a couple times on this show and the previous show. he's exciting. he's a little nutsy cuckoo. abot
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him. >> hillary clinton comes off as the difficult woman in line before you at starbucks. >> i said 3.7 pumps of soy, please, and can i get a side cup with children's tearts tonight, please? but that's all of bernie's popularity was attributable to her weakness as a candidate. when he started this campaign he had high-ranking staffers who were making wedding plans. kennedy: the hearings, these are so bad for hillary clinton because all they are doing is question after question showing -- displaying her weakness. in any other election year, any
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other one of these people would have been annihilated. i won't make a helen keller joke. it would be too soon and she is really rude and i don't go down in the gutter, no matter how you try and pull me. >> we have turned the presidential election into a game of would you rather. kennedy: i don't have nuts, i have eaten bugs. but i would take both those over voting or either of these two. >> they have to put their head to a pillow at night. >> i'm going to write kennedy for president, everyone. ken there are new york law lets new yorkers bring dogs into
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restaurants. is it for freedom or a public health disaster. the judge joins me, court is in session next. get ready for the rio olympic games
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show me gymnastics. x1 lets you search by sport, watch nbc's highlights and catch every live event on your tv with nbc sports live extra. i'm getting ready. are you? x1 will change the way you experience nbcuniversal's coverage of the rio olympic games. call or go online today to switch to x1. >> my next guest served as a prosecutor, judge and district attorney. she says james comey's decision will have long-term effects on the justice department and the f.b.i. it's judge jeanine pirro. welcome. >> good to be here. this is my first time to be
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here. kennedy: you are a virgin princess. >> not many would call me that but i'll let that one slide. kennedy: watching the comey hearing on capitol hill there will be was a lot of discussion about extreme carelessness versus gross negligence and where does intent factor in. comey said there was no intent and intents is an important part of that. >> city worked with james comey. i have tremendous respect and affection for jim comey. he is so wrong on this and i'm sow disappointed as are so many people who know him, and i'll tell you why. this case screams for a prosecution or at the very least a presentation to a grand jury. we have political appointees. you have loretta lynch who
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hillary clinton said a couple days ago i'll keep her at attorney general, i'll consider it. then you have comey, a political appointee. instead of sending it out, the most offensive part of it is the fact that she lied. she lied to the american people for over a year. kennedy: she lied to congress. >> she lied to congress. she lied to the american people. martha stewart lied once and went to jail for a year. kennedy: a case comey prosecuted. >> the problem i have with jim is that the decision to prosecute is based upon a number of things and that is the statute clearly she met the standard of the statute. i charge jury ofs. when they say what is gross
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negligence it's extreme carelessness. english is all of our first language here. the idea that you need intent an just said a few minutes ago, he said that she really didn't mean to send them, well, wait a minute. what crystal ball do you have that lends you to that conclusion. you make a decision based on the round facts. kennedy: he sounded like he was softening the edges of the misstatements and lies that she told. my big question when you say he failed, that he has done something wrong. why did he do that? >> i haven't figured it out yet. but i know him to be honest i know this decision to be a wrong decision. i know you have decide someone's intent based on facts, attempts to con seem and destroy analyze. it all points to a consciousness of guilt.
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we had everything that jim comey knows is consciousness of guilt. he's got a 10-year term. you don't need the next president to say jim comey stays or leaves. so i don't know what's going on. it reminds me of petraeus. it's not that he gone it dated and she was not. when did the obama administration decide to bring these charges against petraeus. they knew by the years before. did something happen when somebody knew something and leverage was used? i don't know. i know jim to be honorable and i hate to say it. this decision is wrong. he says that's without precedence and that's hogwash. on my show this week i will spend one hour laying out the case. i could convict hillary clinton as a prosecutor without a doubt.
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kennedy: when you are on a five-year mission to explore strange new worlds, come with me and we'll boldly ex floarp news that has never been explored before. this is the "topical storm." you all love sir patrick stuart. you are about to see him as you
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have never seen him before, as a cowboy. [♪] kennedy: i know what i'm getting my family for christmas. the englishman seems surprisingly well suited to sing american classics. but he's better at singing than gardening. >> you [bleep] kennedy: topic number 2. john almost took a dirt map from
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great heights when his hang tblierd was in mid-air when his loops and twirls went horribly wrong. thank god his emergency chute opened. he made it. he lived. don't worry, that's not a slopping course. that's a hang glider that doesn't work any more. he's just fine. i got so scared during that clip i made a tinkle. topic number 3. it's embarrassing enough to fail at robbing a store. but it's flat-out humiliating because you can't get anyone's
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attention. watch this felonious wallflower get ignored. the burglar enters the store. now he is hiding it from the cam rebehind the backpack. the customer, and the manager walks away to smoke cigarettes in the bathroom. what a pathetic armed robber. total flash in the pan robber. '. unlike the ban dido who terrorized the west. [♪] ken ringo. topic number 4. australia, it's the continent god played a practical joke on.
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half of the animals have a tummy pocket and wombats seem to be the offstring of a kangaroo who impregnated a pig. >> i'm coming back. >> they just got married. he's going off to war. kennedy: i prop is, i'm coming back. so needy. apparently so superior to cats. australia is a great nation found by felons and cultivated into vast ranches, both of which are featured in their national anthem. [♪]
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that's the one. nicole kidman loves that song. topic number 5. nba superstar kevin durant. his decision to leave for the golden state turns him into a a a -- into a pariah. his statement is ready morgan freeman. >> with this in mind, i decided i'm going to join the golden state warriors. kennedy: that's so beautiful. kevin durant's departure has
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affected all of us on both side of the atlantic. we would be remiss if we didn't let a certain famous brit weigh in on the departure of the famous basketball star. [♪] kennedy: captain, you have been rick rolled. take that, sir. if you have any weird tories you want to see in the "topical storm," we are always ready for them. tweet me @kennedynation and use trash tag "topical storm" and blue neon letters. the party panel is here to discuss a fresh law in new york that makes restaurant better. ♪ i would like to go to cooking school in tuscany with my mom. i want to open a microbrewery. own a drop-top and drive it on a sunday with my wife.
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kennedy: new legislation in new york allows dog owners to bring their leashed dogs to outdoor cafes and patios. cats have not been included in the legislation because they hate leashes. jedediah bila, and lachlan mckay. is it important for human becomes to be able to bring their canine companions to restaurants? in the interest of old-fashioned liberty she should be allowed. kennedy: should restaurants be forced? >> no, that's where you cross into doggy tyranny and the
8:40 am
government becomes the servant of their canine masters. kennedy: you go to paris and dogs are all over their laps and they are feeding them flambe'. however, maybe there should be doug restaurants and non-dog restaurant. i think that tyranny has found it way like the river through the grand canyon. the colorado river. >> my dog is more of a human than a dog. there is no drooling. she wears shoes when she goes outside. she behaves like a person. she don't know she is a dog. if i go to a restaurant and meet my dog, it's nice to meet you. i don't need a dog that's going
8:41 am
to go to the bathroom on the ground. kennedy: you are saying the days as competent and capable as yours -- >> i'm say maltese only restaurants. kennedy: so you are a speciesist. >> you are tack on 35 more plates of food that he can't have. that's cruel. when a dog is strapped outside the restaurant. he has lost his will to live. when you see the dogs lounging out on the sidewalk. kennedy: their paralyzed. they are not docile at all. i need to interrupt this
8:42 am
broadcast because we have breaking news here. a very important -- big issue. a new and vitally important position circulating and gathering momentum to change the name of fire ants to spicy boys. the petition has garnered 26,000 signatures to change fire ants to spicy boys. i think if we do our jobs tonight we can turn that into 100,000 signatures. i didn't know the show was going to turn into a telethon. but if you have a designation as fire ants it's cruel to humans because it scares the life out of them, spicey boys is the best way to go. >> it's problematic. kennedy: you can't support supposey boys? >> we are referring to half the
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fire ant population that are not boys. kennedy: what if they are spicy questioners. it's such a micro-aggression. they are tiny ants. >> is it me or does spicy boys sounds like a term in lyndsey graham's search history? >> it's like my ex-boyfriend. spicy boy. i don't know. i have never been bitten by a fire ant. >> it does sounds like a latino themed name. >> nothing i'm saying is wrong. i'm willing to bet there is a
8:44 am
video series called "spicy boys." and don't check my search issue because i deleted it. kennedy: all right. researchers from california state university say in a new report that brains of people who compulsively check facebook show similarities to drug addicts and gamblers. >> this is drugs, this is your brain on drugs. any questions? i actually think this is stupid drug hysteria gone crazy impose on a digital platform. i think most hysteria, drug or otherwise is malarkey. >> i would agree, but it seems
8:45 am
that marijuana use and facebook are the same. >> you know what makes people paranoid? everybody is on facebook all the time. who like hide status, why. like that photo. if that was on facebook it would ruin their day was they would be checking all the time. they are trying to compete with someone's pretends life. >> i think we should all move to a cabin in montana and unplug completely. maybe we should have a great time. kennedy: they made digital dopamine. do you think we need to shut down the internet? >> it's not the internet. it's twitter, facebook, instagram.
8:46 am
i found myself, i have that ocd compulsive personality. i found myself spending so much time -- it felt like a drug. if i didn't check for a while i felt strange. and i think it ruins life. kennedy: i'm addicted to this panel. but i have got to talk to dr. ron paul. great to see you, jimmy and jedediah. dr. ron paul will tell us whether hillary clinton should be denied classified information moving forward in this election and what congress can do by the. pl
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>> it stands to reason that individuals who are quote extremely careless with classified information should be denied further access to that type of information. kennedy: that was house speak per paul ryan earlier today talking about restricting hillary clinton's access to classified information. he requested that james clapper and his staff deny hillary clinton access to classified information. let's ask former presidential candidate, and host of the liberty report, welcome back, dr. paul. do you think the director of national intelligence is going to ask on speaker ryan's request and take away her security clearance. >> i definitely think he will do that. and i think paul ryan knows
8:51 am
that. i think most of the stuff we hear is political grandstanding like when they were doing the hearings on benghazi. that was a lot of grandstanding, not talking about the issues like foreign policy. but what would be wrong with denying it to both candidates. if you have a democratic president. if he gives the republicans -- feeds him information, maybe it's disinformation. so i think the president-elect should be reserved to having it. kennedy: i think that's a good point. i don't understand why party nominees are grants this clearance. there is enough time between the general election and when the president assumes office that they can get properly briefed. >> these bfraud anyway. i went to a couple of them.
8:52 am
it's just propaganda. i don't think they are worth a whole lot. then you have the burden of sorting these things out. but i think the problem is, the government has way too many secrets. we don't need thousands and thousands of pages and things. i think of the secrecy of the time in a declared war. they say we are in a declared war. like a world war ii declaration of war. you don't want to give the enemy information that might be helpful. but there is so much information, people's privacy is being under mind. and the government secrecy is being protected. >> hillary clinton is part of that. here is someone who claims she has been transparent. why not make all of those documents public? if you were in congress today, if you were on that oversight committee grilling f.b.i.
8:53 am
director jim comey, what would you have asked him. >> i probably would have gone back to his history of drone targeting and some of the other things that were not above board. as far as i am concerned is break the law. so he was involved in a lot of things. even though he did get bipartisan support. i'm proud of my son because he was the only one who voted against this because he didn't trust him. i just think that we need more openness in government. if you look back to the magna carta, one of the items in there long time forgotten, the law was supposed to make the king live under the law. of course, they gave it habeas corpus back then. but we ignored that, too. so we have a serious crisis on our hand because we don't look at these issues in the context of liberty and constitutional
8:54 am
law. kennedy: that should always be our prism. thank you. i really appreciate it. always, to liberty. kennedy: a big old helping of viewer mail.
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kennedy: i have three main goals in life and one that doesn't include pole vaulting is getting my face closer to being on a stamp. katherine says your hatred of trump is making you say the dumbest thing. joe says horrendous show from a
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horrendous commentator. you are third rate, kennedy. arthur writes, there are many questions in life, why kennedy has a show is one of them. i guess we don't ask why arthur doesn't have a show, because he sucks. alice drew a picture of me. look at that. that's lovely. i love the old english lettering. nice. love it. let's talk about sea lions. okay, kennedy we get it, you hate cats. now give it a rest. matt offers a horrifying thought. love your show, but you have got to love kittens. i take care of 120 every day and
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will name one kennedy in your honor. i don't know what's more disgusting, the fact that you are a cat hoarder or you will name one after me. john wants answers, do you have a favor firecracker? yes. a tie between the whistling petes and the m-80. and it's always good to ends the program with glowing adoration or as jeff river says, you are the most obnoxious person on tv. yea, i win. i'll be back more obnoxious than ever. i'll be back monday. tomorrow be sure to check out
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"wall street week" with gary kaminsky and anthony scaramucci. next week thanks for joining us tonight. louis back from vacation. >> announcer: this show has never been solely about investments. we talked about anything that affected people and their money. from fox headquarters in new york city, the new "wall street week." tone were welcome to "wall street week." i'm anthony scaramucci along with gary kaminsky. a big news week for hillary


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